Wiring grip heaters AC circuit

Spring in inland Australia, we've already had a few 35+ deg C days, yet I went for a ride yesterday, it started raining, and I almost froze my fingers off.  So while the memory of trying to get blood back into my finger tips is still fresh in my mind, I'm looking to get some grip heaters.


I have a 2005 WR450, so AC circuit to headlight, DC to battery and starter etc.  I'd rather wire grip heaters to the AC circuit so I can't run the battery flat.


I've couldn't find anything in a search, and I'm not 100% sure how to wire them in.  From the manual it looks like the yellow wire to the headlight comes directly from the magneto AC side.  The headlight goes out to a black wire.


Is it just:

Get power from yellow wire

Through grip heater switch

To grip heaters

to Black wire



This will have the heaters and headlight in parallel - anyone who has done this, is there enough current from the magneto to run both?

I'm curious as well on a 2012

Quiet day at work so did some more searching and found this thread:




which led to this link:




which states 100W on the AC side (I assume at 5000rpm as per manual normal output spec).


So 55W headlight plus 40/28W grip heaters should be just ok.  Might get a LED headlight globe to give some breathing space.


But this post:




says 62 watts at 1700rpm, so will need to turn the grip heaters off if idling along at night.  I don't ride at night so won't bother me.


I'll just go with the yellow and black wire and see how it goes.


Bopper, I'm not sure but I think the later models were all DC so it could be different for you.

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