2008 yz450f SM conversion won't start

I have a 2008 yz450f super moto NY street legal bike. The bike has some questionable electrical work/connections. I can't get it to start.I bought the bike fully converted about 3 years ago. I don't ride it very much. For the past couple years i've only taken it out a few times for few hours each time. I most recently tried starting it after it sat for about 4 months and it wouldn't run. So i started with draining the carb and gas from the tank and still wouldn't run with fresh gas. I then removed the carb and cleaned the jets and sprayed the carb out well with carb cleaner and compressed air. Reinstalled the carb and it still won't run. Then I checked for spark and it appears to be ok. I plan to get a new plug and try that. The bike ran fine when I last parked it and that's why I assumed it was just bad gas but the questonable electrical work has me concerned that something happened to a wire or connection. The bike has a key installed by the gas tank and no kill switch. I'm not sure where to go next. The bike has a battery custom installed in the air box that is suppose to charge and power the bikes lights although the lights have been very dim and the horn barely works pretty much since i've owned the bike. I'm not sure that would be related to the bike not running but figured it was worth mentioning. So who can tell me what I need to start looking into next to figure this out? Thank you for any help.

Check for spark, check for fuel, check for compression


Were any of the carb parts noticably corroded?


Did you clear the passage above the pilot jet? It has a sharp bend the compressed air won't be enough

Thanks for the replies. I'm just seeing them now. I got the bike running and am not exactly sure what the problem was. I think it was bad gas bc I feel like the spark plug cap wasn't pressed all the way on causing the bike to not start after cleaning the carb. I did replace the plug though so either it was a bad plug or the cap wasn't firmly pressed on the last plug and or bad gas.

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