Wheels to fit 2009 YZ450F

Hi Guys,

Wondering if you can help.

I ride a 2009 YZ450f.

Problem is my front wheel is buckled and needs replacing & i would like to fit a trials tyre to the rear which would mean an 18inch rear wheel.

I have looked on this forum but could only find info up to 2008 which obviously doesnt cover my bike.

Wondering if anyone had any input on my options. Would prefer not to have to get some custom wheels built and would like to use second hand parts i can source relatively cheap.

Looking for the most cost effective minimal labour way of achieving my goal. Fitting a trials tyre isnt as important as finding an affordable way of swapping out my buckled front wheel right now but i would like to know how to do it.

Also my bike back fires like a shot gun off the revs is this normal?!

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you!

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