06 WR in 08 YZ frame

Hey guys, I'm kinda new here.. I've been searching for a couple of days now and haven't found anything.
I was wondering if it's possible to put a 2006 WR450 (steel frame) engine in a 2006-2009 Yz450 frame ( aluminum frame).
The biggest issue i can see is the steel frame has oil in the frame unlike the aluminium .. is there a way around this?

You can do that, but why?


The engine will need some tinkering to bolt in, and you'll have carb and air boot issues.  The oil storage problem is best solved by adapting an external oil tank from an '06 and up YZ250F.


Then, you'll have to modify the stator to be compatible with the YZ450 CDI.


In the end, the bike will be both heavier and slower. 


BTW, if you're thinking of this as a way to make the WR lighter, better re-think it.  The aluminum '06 YZ450F was one pound lighter than the steel '05.  The oil tank will wipe out any difference.

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