Ty Davis Suspension Link

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Ty Davis rear suspension link? Does it help the bike from kicking and is it worth the $160? Thanks, Eric


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You read the article in Dirtrider about the replica bikes, didn't you?

I was wondering the same thing.


I checked out Ty's web site after reading the same article and found no reference there either. :) Anyone else have luck finding it?


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Since no one answered this original post I thought I would see if anyone has used this product.



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Oh Yeah...Everything is paid for!

I have the link and it works awsome. Makes the rear track extremelty well. Eliminates the swapping off throttle through high speed whoops. (I never had a problem on throttle). Provides much better traction for climbing loose rocky/shaley uphills. Heavier riders may want to up the spring rate with the link. Word of caution. If you do not have access to press, spent the extra $$ to buy the link with the bearings already installed. I purchased it without bearings. Swapping the bearings from the old link to the new one is not something you want to try without the correct tools. A hammer and socket will not get it without trashing the bearings. I used an arbor press, heated the link and froze the bearings and it still was tight. For $20 get the link with the bearings.

B.T.W. I have an 01 WR426.


Thanks for the post. I have upgraded my springs to .48 on the front and 5.6 on the rear due to my 225lb weight. Do you think I will need to change again?



Not sure.... but I don't think so. I weigh 170 lbs and run the stock springs. I'm not a BIG air guy though.


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