how hard should it be to kick through the compression stroke? i don't ever remember trying, but if i try hard enough it will go through.

I have seen people do it takes a mighty kick though. I always try to bring it just past the TDC stopping point so it takes much less effort to kick it through. As a matter of fact, when I come back from a run, I will set the bike up (find TDC and nudge it past) so that I can just jump on and kick it for the next ride.

Are you sure you have the compression stroke, and not the exhaust stroke? If your bike is easy to kick from TDC on compression stroke - I would think you should investigate.

I can stand on my kicker, for a very long time, on the compression stroke. You stand a very good chance really of breakin off the kicker if your trying to kick it through without the compression release. If your doing it right, you can start your thumper with a pair of flip-flops on.

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