2000 WR400F to YZ swap

So a few days ago I started my 2000 Wr400f to 03 -05 yz450f conversion, just chaning subframe gas tank, exhaust, seat, number plates and shrouds. I am wondering if anyone has done this swap to an aluminum framed 06 - 09 yz450f subframe, I cant find anything about doing to to later years, the reason I am asking is because exhausts and gas tanks are easier and cheaper to find as I am having no luck finding a cheap used silencer and gas tank if worse comes to worse Ill just buy new stuff but was hoping to avoid to. I have all the stuff to fab brackets up and whatever else need be I am just wondering if they are even close to the same.

Thanks very much, I will post pics when I can of how the bike is coming along

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