Chain/sprocket options

Getting new chain and sprockets soon. Haven't purchased a chain in a long time, but from what I remember x-ring's are the way to go for off-road/desert racing? If so, is the DID 520ERV3 the best one available?

And I'm looking for the best aluminum inner/steel outer rear sprocket, or whatever is very strong, light and trick. I've had a Renthal twinring and a couple others before, but I'm just trying to see what else is out there. Looking for a grey/titanium/silver or magnesium color.

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I've used the Regina ORN6 O-ring chain exclusively for over ten years.  Cost less than the ERV3, and lasts a ridiculous amount of time.  The top and bottom edges of the plates usually wear down almost to the rollers from running on all the rubber guides before it "stretches" 1.5%.   I usually get about 18-20 months out of them.


I have been using Tag Metals sprockets because of their light weight and good wear (they hard anodize them).  They look good, too, and they make a medium grey.

Thanks I'll check out the Tag long do they last compared to steel sprockets?

For the chain, I'm not worried about the price

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When A is the equal of B for much less money, I consider the price.


Tags last a long time if the chain is maintained in good condition, which is to say, at less than 2% over length. I usually don't have to replace the rear when I replace the first chain it's been run with.  

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