BK Mod done, and valves checked...couple of questions???

Well after reading about the BK Mod for months now me and my mechanic finally tackled the job, thanks to Motoman393's great step by step process. Checked the valves for the first time since it was new, (40-50hrs) and all were in spec. Good news since we did not have any shims if they were needed. Installed Renthal sprocket kit and EK blue X-ring chain. After was all said and done, put it back together, and attempted to fire her up. I couldn't believe it, first kick, it has never started on the first kick. Idles good, especially after it is warm. Took it out on the pavement here at work and just eased through first gear, clicked 2nd gear and rolled on easily, bike stood straight up through 3 gears. No backfiring hesitation or anything, seemed to run great with great throttle response. Can't wait to get it on the track and see how it runs. I did not change any jetting just performed the mod and put the carb back on. Just wondering if I should change any jets or adjust the air/fuel screw?? Don't want it to run lean or anything. Fuel squirt is about .1 second i think just missing the slide. Let me know guys if I should do anything else or just leave as is and ride it if no backfiring or anything is happening. Thanks! Before I did this mod bike seemed to run a little rich according to plug. Also I am just a little above sea level with temps in the 40's to 50's right now but can't wait for the 60's and 70's eventually leading to summer and 90's!! How long should I wait before checking my valves again? Any info greatly appreciated, Frank :):D

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what do you think guys? Ride it like it is for awhile and see what I got, or should I change some jetting or air/fuel screw settings? For similiar conditions what are you running? Thanks, Frank

I'd ride it and don't change anything unless you have a reason to.

Ride it. Ride it like somebody else it payin the bills

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