my pig will not start


my pig will not start. it started the other day. after like 30-50 kicks. when people say kick through, do they mean one RPM or one stab on the kickstarter? I've heard these things were hard to start, but I'm too tired to ride the thing after getting started. Bike is 01 uncorked w/tip. how do I turn idle up? Any suggestions. I've done searches for starting procedures and print them to take to the garage with me. Nothing seems to be working.


You leave too much information out. There is a procedure that makes starting them very easy indeed assuming every thing else is ok. Mine starts first or second kick except when the weather is very cold.

You cannot start it like a 2 stroke. Never give it any gas when your kicking it over. If you do it will be flooded from the get go. Pull the spark plug and check to see if its wet. When was the last time it was completely tuned up including float adjustments in the carb? Was the bike uncorked when you bought it or did you unplug it? This could be anything from you giving the bike a shot of gas when kicking it over to the carb parts installed wrong when the bike was uncorked. We need more information.

I've heard these things were hard to start

No, these bikes are relatively easy to start. First make sure you have fresh fuel. Then make sure you have 'enough' fuel in the tank so the bike will start. If its not starting, then pull the spark plug and if its chalky or powdery black or wet/black, then put a new in and try starting it.

If you've left your bike sitting with fuel in it for a few months or so, then you'll likely have to pull the carb apart and clean it up real good. Always drain the fuel from the bowl with the drain screw if you're letting your bike sit for a while and its really a good habbit just to get into even if you're putting your bike away for just a week. If you leave fuel in your tank for more than a few weeks, then next time add stabilizer to your fuel so it stays fresh for a while, otherwise it will go bad. Yeah it will still run, but pump gas will start to deteriorate after a month or so. Don't bother adding fuel stabilizer to old fuel because it will do nothing for it. Fuel stabilizer only works on fresh fuel.

As far as the idle cable goes, just follow the throttle cables back to the carb. From there it should be obvious.

XR's are hard to start. But 50 kicks indicate something isn't right. Like it has already been said don't give it any gas as you kick it. Also make sure your just a little past TDC when you do. And give it a full kick. It doesn't have to be a superman kick just a good full swing. Take it to TDC move it just a hair just past and bring the kicker all the way up to the top of it's swing. Then give it a good healthy swing.

If your storing the bike for a week you really shouldn't have to drain the gas out of the carb. Heck you should be able to store it for a month with having to do so. Big 4-strokes are not always easy to start. They all have some type of ritual you must go thur. How long have you owned the bike? If nothing seems to work I would pull the carb and make sure all the jets are clean and the float is set properly.

Good luck.

my pig starts 1 or 2 kicks hot or cold every time - you might want to check the valves mine tightened up and after i adjusted them it seems like all i have to do is look at my bike and it starts :D - my xr6 did not like any gas when starting but my 650 likes a little sqirt right at the end of the kick :excuseme:and when i dump the bike all i do is hold the throttle wide open and it fires 1st kick 90% of the time :)

i ride sea level - 4000feet - 175 main, 68s pilot, opened up intake, HRC tip, UNI filter no backfire screen, holes drilled in airbox :D

jeff :D

try this..........

gas on

choke all the way on

compression release pulled in

no throttle

kick 8 to 10 times all the way thru


let go of comp release

find TDC

pull in comp release

go just past TDC

let go of comp release

give it a good kick with a squirt at the end

now that its running :)

take choke off

this works for me every time! and it helps to have your idle turned up a little when the bike is cold

good luck

jeff :D

Your Dead right JWS, the procedure you descibed is how I get mine going every time....


One more thing to note!!

make sure the bike is turned off while performing the "warm-up" kicks.. you do not want to get bucked off the bugger.. :D

if you use that procedure but still no go after about 4-5 tries, run through the procedure again (NO [@#$%&*!] HALF KICK!)

I do this so it does not kick me off the kick start :D it has not happened to me as yet, and I don't want it to....

Hope this helps..

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