wr450 on street?

I would still be careful with the shifts, particularly the downshifts and treat the gearbox w/ respect.


Its still possible to damage a GB with a cushdrive, as I found out buying an old bike.


I found chipped/worn gear dogs and bent shift forks, had to make one out of two. Should be testing it very soon.







This was a 2 stroke street bike box fitted with cush drive. There is a known second gear problem, but its caused by abuse.


Edit: better pic


I have an 03 street legal and love it, you can't beat the ability to drive to the trails on the road. I will say tho that before I got the jetting right, I hated it. I have MotoZ enduro DOT front and back, they are great on the road, considering how aggressive they are, and in the mud they hook extremely well. I recommend a trail tech display so you can keep track of the coolant temperature.

My 15' wr450f is almost ready for street. Just finished doing rad SM wheels with Cush drive hub. Big brake kit. Just need to order a Baja designs kit for the signals. Can't wait. It's only going to see local trips, nothing crazy as I have a DRZsm also if I need push farther trips. I also don't ride it like I'm on the track

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