Handlebars and seat recommendation...

I have a 2008 WR450F and I need to do a few upgrades...




First are the handlebars.  The bike came with the Renthal Twin Walls 997 bend, the ones with the crossbar.  They are OK, but the crossbar is a pain to deal with when mounting accessories such as Trailtech Voyagers or other GPS based toys.  I also feel that the bend isn't the greatest for a riding standing up (which I try to do as much as I can considering how rock hard the seat is on that bike...).


So I was wondering what people recommend as an alternative.  I am 5'9" tall.  


I am looking at the TrailTech X-Bars and it looks like they are a tad lower than the Renthal 997 (95 vs 99mm) and have more sweep (62 vs 54mm) which I assume isn't the direction I want to go.


Pro Taper recommends the YZ High, with a height of 84mm (so lower than the either the Renthal or Trailtech) but with less sweep (52mm).


Any suggestions / recommendations?




That thing is hard... really hard!  Any alternatives with a foam that's a little easier on my heinie?






Personally, I find the best bar bend for the bike to be the Pro Taper Windham bend.  YZ High isn't really all that high, and the Windhams also move the hand position forward  a inch or better when the top of the bars are set level.  They're extremely comfortable to stand behind for long periods, not just due to the height, but also the forward positioning, which allows me to stand up straight and balanced without having the grips lay against my thighs.  Because of the way it shifts the rider position, steering response is improved as well.

Go with protaper yz high . There great, steer tight ,very responsive and zero vibration .. Go with the pro taper evo's , Yz high ! As far as seats go I got a 2012 450 and I have zero issues aside from the ass rash after a five hour run . But I take the most technical and ruff trials I can find , so I mostly am standing. I am also 5'11''

Guts racing comfort seat.

The orig seat is fine but when you do really long rides it will wear on you.

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