New WR450 owner in Colorado Springs

So it's running like a champ and has way better throttle response than before. Starts easy, idles good and has good bottom end power even with that 48 chain ring.

Still a little bit of a bog if you really hammer on it hard but that may be in part to it only being 28 degrees out right now as well. Or not. I don't know. But I've got it running better than before and I'm happy with it. Now for some dirt tomorrow.

Thanks for all the info from everyone.

Put about 70 miles on it this morning on some maintenance roads in the mountains outside Colorado Springs. Ran great and had no issues. The Avon Distanzia tires are pretty good when aired down a bit. Front tire is a little washy on the gravel and loose stuff in turns but the rear hooks up pretty decent for a DOT tire.



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fyi...i would flip that petcock around  so you dont have a loop of fuel line that can get hung up on something (e.g. the petcock is facing the motor).  Also there are plenty of knobby tires for the front that are DOT rated (for example Pirelli MT16, Pirelli XCMH) .  Rear tires there are less to choose from such as the Dunlop D606, Kenda Trackmaster II, any of the MotoZ tires and most of the trials tires such as a Pirelli MT43.


In addition, once you are already plated, most people just switch to whatever they want to run and take the chance that if they do get stopped, that they wont notice or wont get nailed for non-DOT tires.  Never ridden on something like Avon Distanzia, but i imagine those would be treacherous on decomposed granite that is very common at 717, The Gulches, Rainbow Falls and Rampart (riding areas closest to Colo Spgs).

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Good call on the petcock. I'll give it a shot.

That picture was taken on Rampart Range Road. The tires did ok. Like I said a little washy in turns. I commute on this bike in the winter and don't want to be burning through sets of knobbies from all the road use. I've heard differing opinions on the lifespan of DOT knobbies. Maybe I'll pick up some D606 and see how they wear.

heres another one to consider that is DOT approved....Kenda Parker DT K772


Commuting on a bike in winter seems like a death wish to me.  Sand on the road and ice on the north side shadows.  I wouldnt even consider it unless it didnt get below freezing on multiple nights and there hadnt been precip in a long time.

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