2016 YZ450F

Why would you buy a hour meter if with gtyr tuner you can see your engine run time?

Hour meters are cheap, why not?

Plus its alot easier to see a meter than to have to plug your tuner in all the time. As for braces, I ordered the unabiker ones. They look very solid and a pretty good deal too. Havent put them on yet though.

GTYR and Works Connection are virtually the same. I've used both and they are fine for certain tip overs. However, they will bend nicely along with the radiator in many crashes. If you go with "cage" type braces you will probably find the shrouds won't fit as well and the plastic louvers may not work at all. And that may be fine for what your needs are.

What's a good brace ? Seems like a few options out.

Gytr or is there better options?

I would check out UNABIKER radiator braces. I put these things on my 2015 and their virtually indestructible. I have had a few pretty good wrecks and these things never budged. I will admit they were a bit tricky to put on but they were worth the effort knowing the rad's would never bend!



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I don't know about "never", but you're certainly not going to bend a radiator every time the bike falls over.  


The "brace" types are less protective than the cage types such as the Unibiker in general. 

Bulletproof radiator guards. Watch the videos on the website or YouTube

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