'05 read fender question.

Read faq's and searched...

04 & 05 rear fenders are different OEM numbers, any legitimate differences? Got a line on a dirt cheap NOS 04 for my 05. I like the old school Enduro rear tail light.



WR-Noob.... Sorry.

The main difference is the plastic around the hanger for the silencer is already cut out on the

newer fenders, but on the older ones it the plastic comes out further and there is just a slot in 

the silencer.    


Difficult to explain, but in any event it is not really an issue.   Worst case, you will need to get

out the snippers to make the slot larger for the fatter silencer hanger on the 05.

So trim as necessary as with any plastic it seems? Thank you

I'm doing the opposite, ordered a yz style fender and will be installing a light under the fender. I don't dislike the old school look, I'm just addicted to mods lol

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