Currently running a DID O-ring Gold. It's definetly time to replace my rear sproket,front looks OK, how can you tell when it's time to replace the chain?

Change the front too. Usually only 15 bucks, save your new chain. I usually doit like this, if I can pull the chain off the back of the sprocket more than about 1/4 inch or 30-40% of the roller diameter with the chain properly adjusted, its time to replace. Doing this little test on a new chain and sprocket will only give ya about 1/16 of movement

If you look in the owners manual, it gives you a measurement for chain wear. I'm not sure if it applies to all chains. I would agree as to changing all as a set, at least the sprockets.

Just performed the BK mod and checked my valves, also replaced sprockets and chain. The sprockets were fine and in good shape but the stock chain was shot. So I replaced with renthal stock gearing sprocket kit, and an EK X-ring blue chain, I will keep this forum posted as to how they wear. Chain was rather expensive but I have one on my ZX-9r and only adjusted it once after it broke in. With that power-house (140HP) I think that the chain on the YZF will do good. The extra money for a good chain will be worth it I hope. Frank

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