Yz450 handling vs. yz250 smoker

I currently ride/ race enduro on a 2010 yz250 2 stroke set up for woods. I'm looking at a low hour woods set up 2014 yz450f I guess my big concern is how is the handling compare between the two? Does the 4 stroke push through the corners? Do you have ride up on the tank on off cambers roots etc.. For those that have rode or ride both what's the difference?


Interesting subject ! I currently ride a 2012 yz250 2t, or a 2015 300xc, I thought I was gona do more XC , but finding out that I'm Not! Lol,

both deferent yet the same, REALY been thinking I want a 450 ! As I tend to be hitting more Moto tracks !


Been doing more Mx than XC ,

I love the light feel of a 2t, yet people tell me I've never ridden better than when I had my 09 yz 450, & I kinda have agree I did win more then! Lol

I've had both (albeit older models) and for me I prefer the linear power of the 450. The 250 was crazy fun, but I was always a few seconds slower on it because it felt out of control. It's down to preference and since I have grown up on 4-strokes, I just find them less work to ride...I just don't have the same grin as on the 2-stroke though.

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