450wr one hot rad

Hey everyone. I'm having issues with my 2006 wr450 getting hot. Im currently running the blue ice and I still have boil over while trail riding, noticed a slight positive difference. Mostly we ride 3000-7000ft single track mountain trail riding, at 70-80 deg dessert weather. I can stay between 1-2 often 3rd. But usually 20 mins into a ride I can hear my rad starting to boil. On descents I've tried to keep it in neutral but stills boils over ( believe because the pump doesn't run while in neutral)

Wondering if there's a clog in the line? Any thoughts?

If the engine is running so is the water pump. Has nothing to do with the transmission. I would start by flushing the system.

1.  boil over is a factor of pressure. If you raise the pressure, it will take longer to boil over. Go with a higher psi cap, like 1.4

2.  Jetting: if you your jetting is anywhere near stock, it will always overheat. You MUST uncork and re-jet that motor. Thousands of posts on the subject. Read the FAQ section

3.  The pump is always running.

4.  If you are running the stock exhaust, the engine heat is being trapped in the exhaust, raising the heat of the motor



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