Fork leaking

After my ride today I noticed my right fork is leaking fairly bad and now it handles like poo. So the question is, fix it myself or take it to the shop; either way how much is this going to cost?

35 for parts, labor 150 most shops, you can do it either buy tools or Google home made way

Year model?


Fork seals often leak just because they're packed with dirt.  Start by cleaning the inner fork tube of any dirt or mud (never ride with dried mud on the fork, BTW,  not even water spots if you can help it)  Pull down the dust covers.  Tear a business card lengthways, work it up under the seal, and go around the tube with the "fuzzy" edge of the card forward.  This will often times stop the leak. 

Older bike: just go ahead and replace the seals and oil. easy to do.


New Bike: follow grayracer's instructions above.

I actually bought a seal mate for 6 bucks on ebay and it fixed my problem. There was dirt in the seals causing them to leak. The seal mate reseated them and I haven't had a problem since!!! Saved me $225 I was about to spend on fork seal repair when they were just dirty!!

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