??? on "steering assembly" for '00 YZ426F ...

Ya a long chisle works nicely because it will bite the race when ya hit it. I havent had my YZ apart, but my cr had a scallop in the seat for the race specifically for removal. Wipe what litte grease may remain and look for a better place to get to it. Your going at right though. If you can warm the Headstock of the frame a bit, that might help.

MXDKP, a long chisile will work better if you grind 1 edge down in a semi circle the same demension as the inside steering collar. The top/bottom will come out much easier this way. Replace with new races & new bearings. The new races will go in easy as you tap them into the stemm with a ballpeen hammer. Grease the snot out of the bearings, I load a ton of grease into them as well as the contact area on the races. Then ressemble & Check the right/left steering slap to determine correct tension of steering nut/s. You do not want too tight or too loose. prepare to do the same everyother month or so depending how much you ride.

I drilled the left side of the steering neck and installed a zerk fitting on my YZ. While you've got everything apart, it's a good time to consider this. I just pump the thing full of High temp grease until you see it coming out of the seals and forget about it. You will get some spooge on the back of the front fender. But then you just pump some more in. Took it apart after a long season of off-road abuse and the bearings are like new. Later -Adam-

insert a long extension in the steering head using the female end against the bearing race and smack it with a hammer. Be careful not to slip off. But this is an easy task. Good Luck

All Repliers,

Thanks for all the input and suggestions regarding my topic....much appreciated. I plan on tackling this, first thing tommorrow morning. I would also like to see a "PIC" regarding the "special zerk fitting" on the outside of the neck, that one of you fellows had mentioned...sounds like a great idea. My email address is "mxdkp@yahoo.com" and if you have any other tips regarding this particular scenario, please fill me in. Thanks, once again !!!

Fellow Thumperer,


Fellow Thumpers,

I have my complete steering assembly, front forks, and front tire off. I noticed why why steering was "restrictive" when turned to the right...the whole "lower bearing was corroded/rusted and the upper bearing was on it's way, as well. I've had the bike for two years, but didn't realize thay you had to maintain them at least every few months, or so (even though I'm a weekend warrior, if that). Anyways, I'm wondering what is the best way, to remove the top and bottom "ball races (hardened steel, tapered rings) inside the top and bottom portion of the neck (steering part of the frame) ?? My manual shows an illustration in which you are to use a long, metal rod of some type (like a nail punch), however, I can't seem to get an "even" hit on the inner portion of the "ball race" since there's not much of a "lip" around the whole ring to work with....what would you recommend ?? Also, once out, what is the "best" method of applying the "new ball-races" into the neck, considering I don't have a "PRESS" of some type ??? Let me know, if this is a project that I can tackle ....

Thanks for the help,


Sorry I don't have any pics of it, nor the technology to post them. But it's on the left side(sitting on bike) just above where the decomp. cable runs. Just a regular grease fitting you can buy at an auto parts store. Get a couple of them so you can practice on some stock for the correct drill bit that will let you self tap the zerk in. I guess you can mount it anywhere on the neck so that there would be no interference with anything important. -Adam-

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