Can anyone help?

I have a 2001 WR 426fn that spits out oil from the breather tube. After 2-3hrs of riding it will spit out as much as a quart of oil. It holds 2.3 quarts total. Does any one know what my problem is before I rip my bike completely apart? Should I be worried?


You're overfilling the oil. You say yours holds 2.3 quarts-the manual for my bike says it takes 1.6 quarts of oil after an oil change. My '99 and your '01 aren't that different.

When I change the oil in my bike, I measure out the exact amount of oil the manual says to with a Ratio-Rite. Then I run the bike for 3-5 minutes before checking the dipstick. Sometimes after only a couple of minutes of running it still is only about halfway up the dipstick. But run it for a few more minutes and it shows full. When I have accidentally overfilled it, it spits out oil in much larger quantities. There's the quart of oil it spits out.

My "01" calls for 1.6 QTS. This is directly from the manual. I've never had a problem with oil blowing out the breather tube. You must overfilling

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