Exhaust help?

Hello everyone. I was wondering, would the exhaust from a yz250 fit and work properly on a wr450? i got my WR with the baffle removed from the muffler so now it is straight out with no sound restriction. I know where i can get an exhaust from a yz250 for free. will it work on my WR? I dont mean the whole header and everything. im just wondering about the second half of the pipe with the muffler on it. the attached picture is the exhaust that i am wondering if it will fit on my WR450. I was told it came off of a 250 (which i believe was a YZ). Im not sure if years matter or not.


No, do not use it.

Four strokes have much hotter exhaust and pressure, and that exhaust is going to get burned up.

No, do not use it.

Four strokes have much hotter exhaust and pressure, and that exhaust is going to get burned up.

i believe the exhaust came off of a 4 stroke, not a 2 stroke. if it came off of a 4 stroke 250 will it work on my 4 stroke 450?

A YZ250 is a two stroke.

A YZ250F is a four stroke


Dont' know if it will fit.

Doubt it

Another option is to buy a new baffle and packing for your silencer. The baffle in my Ti4 was half rotted away and super loud. I sourced a new baffle from eBay and repacked with a pillow type packing. Total cost was $50ish and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I picked up the exhaust today. After all it didn't cost me anything, so what could I lose? It bolted on fine. Except it didn't have the same flange piece on the mid pipe as my WR exhaust so it leaked exhaust through there. I could always cut the flanges and weld on the one from the WR exhaust mid pipe. But I decided to put back on the WR pipe for now. Seeing as winter is coming soon I think I have decided I will give it to the hands of my dealer. They are very good people and give me a fair cost (in my opinion). I'm going to bring it to the dealer and get them to check my valves, change fork seals, properly set my carb and just all in general look over my bike for me. And I'll see if I can get a new baffle from them as well. I know to a lot of people on here the dealer is a waste of money but at least that way I know it's done right and I don't have to worry about wrecking something and I know my bike will be fixed and running by spring. I just don't have the time for those jobs. They can set my carb and valves for me properly over the winter. It would just be too much struggle for me.

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