Shorai vs Cheap battery?

offer to pay a little more for the price of a battery, or you buy one, craigs list sales are dodgy, so be careful out there!

Are you in Canada or somewhere in the US?  Where are you getting that KBB price of $2,770 estimates miles at 13,870 miles?  A WR would be completely worn out at those type of miles.  My experience has been that you are lucky to average 20 mph on a dirt bike.  Those kind of miles would be equivalent to nearly 700 hours....way beyond the rebuild time.  As far as I know KBB doesnt estimate miles or add/subtract mileage premiums for dirt bikes because it is not available or reliable.  Nada guides has average retail at about $2820 in the link i sent you above.  Now realize that the KBB price of $2770 is a dealer retail price (i.e. asking price on a dealer's showroom floor for a used bike in excellent condition  - their words not mine).  You are buying from a private party that cannot expect to sell at a dealer asking price for an excellent condition bike.


The $1,000 over market is about right for here in Colorado.  For example, I purchased a 2005 WR250F, approximately 4 years ago for $2300.  Now four years later, a 2007 model is 2 years more dated than the 2005 WR was when I bought 4 years ago and you are looking to pay $3000-$3500.  At any rate, your call and your money - all that matters is whether you think it is fair.


One suggestion is that if you are living inthe US, run a search on and get the prices of all WR250F's in you ensure this one is competitive.


Lastly, seller is probably legit, but he has basically debunked his own claim of 5 hours.  He just bought last year from somebody used, so he really has no idea how many hours/miles the previous owner put on the bike....other than what previous owner told him.  Same thing for you, you have no way of telling that the miles/hours claimed by current owner are accurate.  Remember, I told you above, there is no odometer and no hour meter that comes from the factory on the '07 WR250F.


All this is not to say it isnt a great bike in excellent condition, but you need to be skeptical and we are giving you information here on the forum to help you make and informed decision and better negotation strategy.  You know you can use these price guides to your advantage in a negotiation.  Good luck.  I truly hope you find a great bike that is priced well.

Well thats what the KBB says for around me... I don't agree with it... Lol I think it should be cheaper, but is what it is. And yea if you're in Colorado, the WR's are like gold down there. There are A LOT in that area, (I know cause I looked... planning on moving down there at some point.) but they are scarce by be. I'm actually traveling 2 hours out of state to look at this one... But I will definitely check that site to see regional prices around me. But like I said there are none by me, only out of state.

And yes, I've considered that the seller could be BSing me, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and check out the bike. But yea, I'm always suspicious when buying anything lol. And that's part of the reason I'm here.... To get everyone elses input, see what I can learn. But thanks for the luck, I hope I find the best bike I can get out there!

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