Thunder Alley/Header Combination

What header pipe seems to work best with the Thunder Alley muffler? Has anyone tried a FMF powerbomb header or a White Brothers tapered titanium header with the TA muffler? Or does a different header from stock even make much of a difference????



You wont get much from a header itself. I dont know anyone thats tried a larger diameter header with the thunder ally slip on. be very interested in this. almost seems like it might too much. Might kill the bottom end.

I'd have to say wait and see the difference the TA exhaust makes. I put mine on two weeks ago and my lap times really dropped. It picked up so much low end and just made the throttle like a dial. I could start accelerating so much earlier out of turns as well as I was easily clearing a sixty foot up hill step up that with the stock exhaust was kind of difficult to do. but if you do experiment please post your results.

Does the TA slip on pipe use the stock gasket that goes between the header and midsection? Or does it fit the stock header with no gasket? I need to get a new pipe soon, because my R4 is rattling apart and I have just been prolonging it. I have a tapered header now and if the TA pipe uses the stock gasket then it will work with the tapered header (you just dont need a gasket if you use it on a tapered the R4) Thanks,


The TA fits the stock header with no gasket and it's a fairly snug fit.

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