New sprockets, new chain?

Hello all, I am thinking about running 16/44 for sprocket size on some supermoto wheels and I am wondering if you need to get another chain... I will be converting a 03 WR450f into a supermoto and just wondering if I can just use the chain the comes on it or if I need a new one. Thanks in advance!

Also, does anyone know where to get a 16 tooth front sprocket? How will I be able to tell if it fits? For example, will this one fit??

A 15 is a tight fit on most bikes. I believe there's a SM section here

A 15 is a tight fit on most bikes. I believe there's a SM section here. If 16/44 does fit I'd expect a very gappy tranny on a wr.

Hello all, I am looking to convert a WR450f into a supermoto. I will be running 16/44 sprockets on there and I'm wondering if this swap requires a new chain, please let me know!! Thanks in advance!

I believe a 16 will barley fit however your gearing will be a bit too tall. I run 15-43 if you want taller gearing you might try 15-41 or 42. I'm not 100% sure if the transmission ratio's are the same as I have a 08.

Normally you always put a new chain on new sprockets.

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