My 1999 WR 400

Hi I just got a 1999 WR 400 today, it's brutal I love it. But it's secondhand and someone has butchered the wiring on it, none of the lights work, the bulbs are fine and I can't find the problem I was thinking one of you guys might have a wiring diagram of some sort for lights.

Does any one know if the 03 auto decompression cam will fit in my bike, I have searched the forum but no luck.

any help will be greatly appreciated

Simon the Monk-E :)

Order a manual from the dealer, and yes the 450 cam works just fine. I have the Hotcams AD450 cam , but the stock Yamaha cam works too, read about it on the YZ forum. Back to the wiring, the owners manual has all the information you will need to repair and maintain your bike, and maintain you will..Enjoy :)

sent you a PM

sent you a PM

Sent to the wrong guy. But thats a great idea :)

OOPs :):D:D sorry about that.

I think I've got the right guy this time.

Scanned and ready to send.

MonK_E you've got got a PM.

Today has been good, I have done a complete teardown of the whole bike (it's in bits every where). I need a new odometer cable, brake light switch, front wheel bearing, headset bearing and front brake pads. All in all not to bad, I have also just ordered a 03 auto decompression cam and a JD kit. :D

I think I will post some pics when I have got it back together and put new graphics on.

any suggestions on what graphic kit to get would be cool :)

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