Help,I need a radiator

Thumpers, Does anyone have a spare or know where I can find an inexpensive right radiator(the one with the cap) for a 02 WR426? :D I wrecked mine pretty bad today :D and don't feel like trying to salvage it.

Thanks :):D

I found out by experience that they are, with a modest discount, about $150 each side. I saved the core and am interested in anyone's experience having them repaired - cost, how it turned out, etc.



04 WR450


Mylers repairs radiators and do a pretty good job. With next day shipping and a badly dented radiator, my brother paid $60.00 and they put a great weld on it for him. Looks great! If you're interested the number is:

Mylers 800-367-7699 :)

Where did you find them for $150.? I'm looking for new or used. :D

Mylers...Mylers.....Mylers. :)

Thanks guys! I'll have them fix it then keep it as a spare.


Missed your question - I am getting my factory/OEM parts from San Jose Yamaha, and so far am only getting 10% off, but with excellent service.

After I get to over $500 spent, I'll try for 15%. I am also interested in any other source for OEM Yamaha parts (04 wr450).


Keep an eye on ebay. When I trashed my right radiator, I think I got a set of radiators off ebay for a little over $100. :)

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