15 yzf 450 front end knifing

I have the 14, 20mm applied clamps, i run the forks flush with the clamp, and have .57kg springs in the forks. Rear i have the JGR lowering link and 6.7 spring. Bike handles a lot better now wants to steer with the rear of the bike. I have been using MX 52, but about to switch it out for a 32. 


I am 210 lbs and my sag is at 105 static around 27. Took me a while to get the bike feeling like i wanted but happy with it now. 



If you never changed your springs for your weight that is the 1st place i would start.. That alone made the bike feel alot better for me. Stock springs are too soft for bigger guys. front and rear springs are around $200-230 +fork oil. If you do it yourself.

210lbs, 6.7 spring,105,27. That does not sound right for that heavy of a spring

Yeah i was skeptical when i read they went to 25mm, I've heard mixed reactions. Most have gone back to the 22mm clamps. Thanks for the feedback, might put the forks back flush and play with the rebound and compression settings.

I dont think this bike is undersprung. It has like.50 front springs and 5.8 rear which is pretty stiff. Ive got the 16 and they went down to 5.6 on the rear and it still is firm for me 200 lbs. Havent bottomed it out so far on like 70 ft doubles. Seems almost perfect suspensionwise so far. The steering is a little wishy washy. Raising the forks help. I run 100 sag. Im definitely no expert on the matter however. Still figuring out the setup. May try some 22mm clamps. The 16 went to 25mm! Kinda strange move I think.

Disclaimer: I am a fireman, not an engineer. Yamaha changed the rear shock spring amongst other geometric factors making the 25mm clamps put the bike back to "level" per say. In the handful of magazine articles written by guys with way more intelligence then me, state that in theory it works. "It's all in numbers" as they say. Now I can tell you from owning the 16 myself that the rear sits high. Most guys opt for the 143.5 link like myself and it completely changed the bike. Went from twitchy, vague front end feel to a solid, planted bike. I would assume they will "revisit" that upgrade for 2017...

If 22mm clamps are your thing I would seriously consider the pull rod first. Buying clamps won't help the stink bug effect of the rear end, you'll just be chasing a unicorn around in circles. Read the article on ride engineerings website about their 22mm clamp review.

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you'll just be chasing a unicorn around in circles. 


Hm.  Could be fun?

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