10/12 or 14oz flywheel for enduro/hairscrambles?

01 yz426 tranny changed to wr gearing!

What's the best weight? 10/12 or 14???

Strictly woods riding.

THanks for your opinions :)

Winder till she stinks!! :D

[ February 28, 2002: Message edited by: Scotti ]

i ride woods alot in x-country, and running a 12 ounce terrycable flywheel weight on my bike, with 14/50 gearing....it climbs like a billy goat but still will haul butt!!


question about your tranny gears. Did you swap all of them or just some of the gear sets? Also I was wondering about flywheel wieghts for my yzf. I ride desert and woods. I'm thinking 8 oz so i'll still have that yzf spap and lugging capability. what do ya think?

[ March 02, 2002: Message edited by: brockr ]


I am changing first second and fifth. third

and fourth are almost the same in either wr

or yz. I have yet to install flywheel weight

will be using 10 or 12oz. We ride some rather

tight woods here in northern Minnesota.

I will be selling yz gears if ya know anyone

who could use them!

Winder till she stinks

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