'13 yz450f - anything I sho

I found a yz450f for $3,700 that's not to far away from me, any opinions on if it's a good bike, anything I should look at? He started the bike with a single kick on a cold engine... My last bike which I sold 5 ish years ago was a yz400f which was usually 10-20 minutes of hard kicking getting it running.

The owner is the second owner, plastic isn't great due to being a trail bike the last year or so and has the normal wear marks. Previous owner put new bars, grips and also did engine work. Head work, cams exh and I am not sure what else. The present owner said he could get me the list of what was done if I want it.

Any opinions on if the price is ok and and thing else I should look at?

picking the bike up Thursday.

Had the bike out twice only around my yard

What a difference between this and the 99 yz400f I had

Seems like it's 200 lbs lighter! Amazed by how much lighter it feels even though it actually doesn't weigh much less vs the old thumper

I think I can start the thing with my hand.... Vs the old bike which I would only kick with riding boots

Power... What a difference 14 years makes! Even easy roll one the thing hauls.....

I wanted to be able to hit the track or trails before the snow falls, hopefully I can get my trailer rewired so I can

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