Where to have Custom Graphics Made??????

Hi everyone,

I bought a factory effex graphics kit for my WR426. There wasn't any swingarm or lower fork guard decals included.

I would like some graphics made in the same color scheme as the rest. What custom graphic shop have you used and/or would recommend? I have an idea of what I want but need someone that can work with me in designing them.

Any local to Northern Cal?

Thanks for your help,


www.xgxracing.com can make anything, but their back east :)

Your local 3M Trimline.

SoCal Decal (Actually located in Illinois) can do the custom decal thing. They have custom backgrounds for WR's too, including the 450. I spoke with them on the phone a couple times and they sounded very easy to deal with. Worth a call, for sure.

Thanks for your suggestions :)

Anyone else care to chime in?



SCR Motorsports

These guys do all our team bikes. The stuff looks GREAT.

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