Vital MX's 2016 450 shootout

Looks like the 2016 may have lost a bit of top end HP over the earlier version.

But they say it's got great power everywhere. Supposedly the 2016 has a different cam for better power down low.

Man, regardless of how it all was done, I would have bet it all on Orange this year... Glad to see Yamaha was in the top 3 on everyone's list...

Makes me feel even better. Grin. It is a sweet ride for sure! Makes up for the only other brand new bike I ever bought. 99 CR125. It got dead last in the shootouts! Lol. It was a dog, I remember well. But damn near indestructable, so I give my due respects.

Looks like the 2016 may have lost a bit of top end HP over the earlier version.

But they say it's got great power everywhere. Supposedly the 2016 has a different cam for better power down low.

I was wondering the same thing.. I thought the 2014-15 bikes had 58 HP. Regardless of the year that motor is impressive. Yamaha has been a love or hate kind of bike for a while. I think they keep going in the right direction every year and once they slim it down even more people will get onboard. i was surprised how close it was, but it's awesome for yamaha. Looking forward to the 250F shootout next.   

Some of the laps were so quick on the low rates bikes that it would sway my decision in buying. Since I haven't ridden any of these my opinion is really null. But it sounds as if the ktm motor isn't as great as people want it to be. And Yamaha as usual actually built a monster in comparison to the others. The Kawi motor is the same as the 09? Seems that way to me. I liked the 09'! It revved out good. Had nice hit in the mid to throw you over a 100ft jump easily. In comparison to what Yamaha has though it's way behind and I wouldn't be surprised to see Kawi make a cam change, port, get some comparible hp towards Yamaha. Ktm really has tall gearing I wonder if you put a 13 front sprocket on it, it becomes a better bike? I know on that kawi, which I priced yesterday, I would be trying my old 13/52 combo on it before I ever got to the track. 13/50 on the ktm Might be great? I think so. But my opinion isn't worth much not riding any of these. I'm hoping to buy the kx this weekend. I waited a while for a lighter version of what I had. it's here now, time to buy!

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The gearing seems to always be off on the ktms, don't know where the hell they tests them. But the Yamaha seems to hit harder giving the impression of more power, but in reality the ktm is more powerful just much smoother. Interesting they said the 4cs is still harsh. Here in the UK the huskys have the 4cs forks and people don't seem to have an issue? Surprising one of them picked the CRF aswell, it's nearly 10hp down on the others.

Looks like it was really close between the Kawi and KTM - both of which are ALL NEW.  I'm really surprised at how far back the Husky was in all this.  They came out of this test as the real loser it seems.


That Yamaha Dyno graph looks awesome.  It builds evenly and then makes close to it's peak power for the last 2500+ RPM where others peak and dip and sign off.  With all of the praise for it's new-found low end and smooth delivery, I can't help but think this engine will make a great off road powerplant for the YZ450FX.

You CANNOT compare dyno number between different dynos on different days. So saying "Last years Yamaha made 58hp and this years only made 55hp. WTF!" Means absolutely nothing. This data is an excellent comparison as they were all tested on the same dyno on the same day.


That being said the Yamaha looks STRONG. If I were in the market for a 450 that is the bike I would buy.

When I financed my 16 yz450 I looked at the "title" or whatever you call it (which I wont get for 36 months) and in one spot it had 58 hp listed on it. Not sure how yamaha came up with this number, but I know that is what was on the paper.

The '15 had 57-58 HP stock.  The '14 did not.  The ONLY difference in the two engines is the base map in the CDI.


Just sayin'. 

The '15 had 57-58 HP stock.  The '14 did not.  The ONLY difference in the two engines is the base map in the CDI.


Just sayin'.

Part number wise it appears the cams are different from a 2014 to a 2016 YZ450.

Yes, it appears they're different. Hard to say exactly how, since Yamaha made about 4 different exhaust cams for the 450 with the same actual camshafts just by retiming the lobe center split

My point was that there's probably more there if you go looking for it.

Personally, at 55 hp, I'll bet there aren't 3 people on this board who could tell there were two ponies missing on top. I'd trade off the two for a big, flat torque curve, anyway.

2016 has new cams and power comes really smooth and linear from bottom to top. I went little harder mapping as previous 

years bottom hit been ripping you out of rut.. Dont care how much HP it makes on dyno but its better motor than Kawasaki 16 and makes Honda 450 feel like 250 bike... Now bike is really good balance and motor is easy to ride.. you cant go wrong with 2016 model. 

The 16 oem power curve is nice in my opinion. Definitely comes on fast and carries out past mid. I did notice the top being a bit flat but I added some timing and that went away. I'm very happy with my 16.

I find it interesting that Robby Bell put the KTM first and KX second when his average lap times were 1 second and almost 4 seconds slower than the YZ, respectively.

They've done that before.  Not entirely sure when, but I believe it was MXA in '08 or '09, or thereabouts who put the YZF in 3rd or 4th place after it consistently turned in the fastest lap times for nearly everyone who rode it. 


Anymore, I find "shootouts" not too terribly informative, and barely interesting.

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