Kickstand for a 99 yzf400?

I have a friend that just bought a used 99' yzf400 and is looking to put a kickstand on it. We do alot of trail riding with our kids and have to stop and pick em up out of the dirt alot! I was thinking some of you guys could help us out. Whats the fix for this situation and where can we buy it? Is there an aftermarket product? Please help, Thanks in advance!

Yup, almost all major dealers carry either a clamp-on sidestand (clamps around swingarm) or a bolt-on sidestand (screws into swingarm). Check your local dealer, im sure they would have one. Or, places like Dennis Kirk ( )would have them for sale online. But they are definately out there. Prices usually range from like $60-$100 each. Hope this helps...

If you watch the little Dr. D add rotate on top of any thumpertalk page you'll see that they offer YZ and CR Kickstands. Try looking there. :)

Hey there,

I have a swing-arm bolt on type of kickstand and a skid plate for sale. the kickstand is home-made, but I assure you that it is awesome quality. It works excellent and does not bounce around while riding. the skid plate is a msr brand that is a full wrap around, for protection of the sides of the cases. email me at if interested.

You can get one at great service and fast delivery ! You'll be not disappointed with RockyMountainMC ! I'll bet you that !

Good Luck ! :)

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the info. TT is such a great resource. We are looking at the suggestions and checking them out. Thanks again for all your help.

Malcolm Smith's sells one that bolts to the frame (using the subframe and chain roller bolts). It's strong (and heavy) and costs about 120$.

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