Wr400 head repair

Hey guys this is my first post and new to the dirt bike world. So bear with me (hopefully im posting this in the right section) so im the new owner of a 00 wr400f and i got it running very poorly. The guy said it didnt really run so he tore it down for me and i took it back home so i could do it myslef. Im a pretty skilled vehicle mechanic so im sure ill pick up on dirtbikes fairly easly but as for right now i dont know what to do . heres the head and some pictures of it and the cams . it seems like something rolles over the cam love and into the top side of the head. Im know ita going to need new cams. As for the head . can i repair this head? Mill the top and how about where the cams lay on the head . it looks like there scoring, can that be machined smooth again? Thanks giys a really appreciate any help.










Yes.  Send the head off to Engine Dynamics or Fast Heads.  Buy two new cams first and send them along.  Be sure you send the complete head with the cam caps and everything.  They can re-establish the cam bores.

Thanks brother . ill give them a call or email

if you haven't already bought new cams yet get the auto decompression exhaust cam, it will make your life so much easier when kicking it over. I had a 250f with the regular cam and it was a bitch too kick, and yes I'm sure yours has the decompression lever/valve.

Does any one know if a 99 yz400f complete head will be a direct bolt on to the 99wr400?

Does any one know if a 99 yz400f complete head will be a direct bolt on to the 99wr400?

Yup, same p/n's.

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