Yz450f or yz450fx

Looking to get back into the dirt bike scene after years of atvs. Just looking for opinions on what would best suit me for riding and fun/excitement. I won't be on the track but my riding will be sand dunes, gravel beds, open trails. Not really any "woods" riding besides a wide trail.

I'm older (55), but I'm thinking the magic button on a motocross bike is the ultimate.  Probably a little weight penalty and possibly some things are a little 'softer', but calling it a YZ is not the same as a WR.  Of course if the first gear is way tall you might be looking at a sprocket change or a rekluse.  I've wondered about a wr450 (have an old yz426) to get the magic button, but it sounds like the target market is more street/dirt road/trail.  It's surely capable in the right hands, but the YZ makes my less than capable hands feel a little more capable. 

The X in a heart beat, for that sort of riding.  Built for it.  

That's my initial thought but no one has them in stock and I want to ride yesterday. Will a yzf be that much worse besides the magic button

Don't get a different bike just so u can ride one specific day. Then in the long you you'll regret it. Wait it out

Pick up a cheap used YZ or WR just to get rolling until the FX comes out. If you buy a used bike right you can resell if for what you paid.

The X in a heart beat, for that sort of riding. Built for it.

This. I have the 250FX and it's not really a 'woods bike' like the WR (hence them still building the WR). The FX handles the fast stuff better than any motorcycle I've ridden. The type of riding you explained sounds right in line with what the FX does best. This bike feels like I can just keep pushing and pushing and pushing in the fast whooped out stuff and wide trails. 4th gear tapped through a whoops section and it handles them without even a hint of being over ridden.

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