2012+ DrD slip-on sound level ? Insert needed?

I was thinking of tryng a DrD Slip-on exhaust on my 2012 WR450 instead of the FMF Q4 hex.


I was wondering if anyone knew if the DRD would need a quiet insert to meet the 96db levels or would

I have to also buy one of the quiet inserts as well? I tried calling DRD as well as emailing them about this,

but unfortantly they don't feel the need to contact me back, hence the question.




I have the Dr D RS-4 slip-on on my 2013 WR450F. I haven't tested it myself with a meter, but with the screen installed they (Dubach Racing tech service) say it tests at 96 db. It's louder than stock, but not bad. I can tell you that it's substantially quieter than a YZ250F and YX250FX with stock exhaust (I have demos of both). 

FYI - I really like the pipe and the mid-range gain I got from it. 

Just in case some one else is asking this same question, I just installed a ns-4 slipon. Its pretty loud, but once I installed the quiet insert. The sound note is much more tolerable in my opinion. Nice looking muffler though.

I have one on my 2011 which should essentially sound the same. It is not bad at all with a spark arrestor. Great pipe. Smoothed out the power band

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