2005 yz450f hard to start new motor

I just put a whole new top end in my. Piston , Sleeve and had the head done. Put it all back together got it started after about 100 kicks. Know I can't get it start. Rebuilt the carb and put a Jd jetting kit in and still same thing nothing only pops. Any ideas where to start?

Fuel screw out two turns, check for spark(visually), maybe turn idle up some. No need to kick a bike 100 times, if it doesn't start within 10 max I'd say then stop and figure out what's going on. Also double check valves, timing marks.

Ok thanks. Ya I'm going to back though and just check everything. Going to pull the carb back apart. Carb is leaking out of the accelerator pump it does pop and have had it running. But with all new parts it should fire right up.

Went back though and checked everything even changed timing 180 degrees . Installed new diaphragm and oil rings in accelerator pump . But still no start the pipe gets hot and the back pops but that's it. Had the bike running after the rebuild and ran fine any help where to look next would be awesome thanks.

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