Frame inline Filter?

Inline Frame Oil filter screen.

This is the secondary oil filter.

How frequent, do you change or clean?

Have you ever cleaned or changed?

I’ll admit, I didn’t realize I had one on my 99-400. I thought it was something new on the 250F’s.

I admitted my ignorance to a local Yamaha dealer, he said they don’t change or inspect them…..

Whats your maintenence schedule?

I look at mine once in a blue moon, usually about once a year just to see what's shakin'. If your bike is new, I would look at it just to make sure some dude's fingernail or other manufacturing anamoly didn't find your way in there.


it is there basically to catch anything that might get past the main filter, and get pushed up the oil return line... check it occasionally, but not every oil change...

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