I have been messing with tryig to do some graphics for my bike, please tell me what you think about this. Some criticism please :)



not my idea of nice graphics

not to mention its the honda car symbol not the wing :)

im more of the clean graphics looking bike..hard to explain

Thanks for the honest feedback, give me some ideas for gfx if you have any. I think I might change the bulldog to a pig thou :)

How about a pig with Honda wings :)

"MAD" RiderA??? Go with one of the after market sticker makers instead. There are enough choices online to still get something that's different from the other riders at your local track.


I want the fun of designing something myself. Ill upload a revision later on :D:)

That is a cool idea making your own graphics. What program did you use to design it? Did you pull the dog picture of of an internet site? And most importantly, can you print them out on your own printer? I have yet to see any graphics for the 650L that I like, but I would love to make my own. As for input on your design, maybe you could incorporate a flame design on the shroud.

I just used illustrator 10. The bulldog was clip art, but I had to redraw it in illustrator so it looks different from the original. I plan on putting an original drawing of a pig in there thou :)

Im also playing around with doing a superman version. That would look cool when people take pics. A coca cola gfx would be cool too.

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