WR 426 oem lighting


I while ago i purchased a wr426 for my son to ride .The bike was a bit rough and was purchased as a dirt bike with no rego.My son has now left home and after riding it myself I quite enjoy it, actually I like it a lot .I have always owned old school bikes so I sold my XR600 and started to do a bit of work on the WR, I've tidied it up a little done brakes bearings etc and now want to get it on the road. It appears to have the original wiring harness  fitted to it  and in good condition. I would like to purchase oem switches, lights etc so I can just plug it all in like original. Would anyone have a wiring diagram. Or would there be anyone out there that still has one set up like original. Also I need help with the tank and seat ,do you guys think it looks as if it has a yz tank and seat fitted?








Great thanks for the reply

The manual doesn't have a wiring Diagram but does have he cable routing drawings. This will be a huge help and awesome to  have a Manual now. Once again thanks.

Yeah, it's on page 690... there's not much to it. :thumbsup:

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