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Alright guys so here is a puzzle for you,


I have a 2013 250 sxf that recently had the motor pulled for a rebuild. That's all finished and I've got everything hooked back up. I go to start it with the electric start and it turns over once than just clicks. So I was thinking I blew a fuse on the solenoid, but upon checking, I hadn't. I replaced them anyways same thing. Click. I meter tested the battery to solenoid. That's good its getting power, then I tested the other end of the solenoid. Good puts power through. And I am getting power also all the way down to the starter terminal. But, like before she just clicks.... I am stumped, is the started stuck from sitting or what? It would be nice to hear every ones thoughts thanks!! :banghead:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

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