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Raptor petcock mod,2005 DRZ400S

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Maybe this is on here somewhere,but I didn't see anything that summed up all my questions.

Here it is from my experience.

1.I tried the Raptor petcock with the stock Suzuki spacer,to give the Raptor lever plenty of room to be turned straight up in the reserve position.This did not work because it put the fuel nipple too close to a protruding part of the carb that the fuel line had to be

routed up and over,and it would kink the fuel line.No good.I could not use the spacer.

2.I ended up cutting a piece of the long side of the Raptor lever off with a dremel tool.It is slightly longer than the back side,and it

just misses the gas tank in the reserve position.I then bolted the Raptor petcock straight to the tank,and it works beautifully,

it's just a tad harder to turn than a full length lever.

3.I used automotive 1/4" gas line and routed it in a reverse "S" shape over and around the choke knob,and then back around into the carb

gas nipple(arm?).

I used some shorter bolts for the Raptor petcock that did not have a collar section,and they are working fine with no leaks.I was a little worried that

the collar on the stock bolts would go too deep into the threads of the tank

I've seen parts of this info here and there,but never summed up.I hope this helps.

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