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2000 yz250 case broke

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my chain tension bolt snapped in half and made my chain hit my case and broke a hole to the clutch push rod. I can't find a case used and I really don't want to spend 750 on a new case. Does anyone have any advice or maybe a case just laying around?

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How big is the broken area ?

Have AC tig welded a bunch

of cases using zirconium tig

electrode's ( they seem to require

way less amps and heat to weld ? )

Gut the cases, clean them with varsol

then brake clean to get rid of any oil,

and if possible bead blast the cases

around where the weld will be.

Then bolt the case halves together,

and heat the them as hot as possible

right before welding. Welding cases will

warp them a bit, and preheating them

will minimize that. Also, welding near

bearing pockets might make them

out of round ( egg shaped ), a bit ,

maybe 0.002", so check them with

a bore guage after welding, and get

them back to round with sandpaper.

I also prefer 1/16 4043 vs 5356 filler

rod, ( read differences here)


( After reading this, you'll probably just

want to find some cases, or a bottom

end on ebay or something, ...but fixing

them can be done ) ...good luck.

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Well it's just the money, I called around and found a guy who has more experience than me and will work on it for 75$ so I might go that route.

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