Cheap Supermoto Brake Setup?

Hey guys, I am looking to convert a WR450F into a supermoto, and I'm wondering what brake setup I can get on the cheap. I heard that you can use the master cylinder and calipers off of a 06 SXV 550 and it will work fine on the WR450F. Wondering if anyone knows of something cheaper/potentially better.

If anyone has any experience doing the supermoto conversion on the WR450F, please chime in. What brake caliper/master cylinder did you get? Do you have the part numbers? How are the brakes? Etc... Thanks in advance!

I did a yz450f. For street stock brakes worked with no issue on warp 9 wheels and rotors. The track they failed for me pretty quick and I bought a full setup after. Run it a little and see if you notice any brake fade and if you do then upgrade.

Obviously an oversized thicker rotor with a bigger caliper will perform better all around than the smaller stock ones but for basic street stuff you don't need the performance gains

Ape RXV... I had one...

Imo its the otger way around..

You can use the caliperbracket of a yz/wrf 320 disk for the ape..

Thats how I did it...

But still needed quite some alterations...

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