2004 yz450f forks


Hey guys I just bought a 04 yz450f and its setup for flat track was just wondering how I got about raising the front end up abit

The rear is an easy fix but im guessing the front has had spacers or evan different springs put in it :(

Heres a couple photos

It may be stock front what could I adjust to lift it up abit or once I lift the rear up wil the front come up abit also

Sorry about the noob questions



It all depends on what was done to lower it.  If it was done right, it would have involved shortening the damper rods and relocating the spring perches, so there would be some cartridge parts involved.  


The rear would likely just have a spacer inside to limit extension, but you never know. either way, you'll need to take it apart and check things out.  

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