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Minnesota Breaking News - Jordan Supercross

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Motokazie needs your help! 


On Tuesday October 27th, Motokazie learned that the Scott County Fair Board voted to discontinue our lease.  Prior to this meeting, we were negotiating a 5 year contract that included moving part of the track to accommodate the Fair’s requests.   This decision came as a shock to us – Lee and Motokazie have a 19 year history of operating at the Scott County Fair and working with the Fair.

We think with your help Motokazie can get on the December agenda have a productive conversation.   Please contact the Fair by phone, email or US mail using the information below.  Let them know the positive influences the Jordan Supercross has been in your life - how important the friendships and family activity is to you.  We live in the community; we draw people in from 100’s miles away and provide a community event.  These activities are important for so many of us.

Together we can make this happen. 


Thank you for your help


Lee & Jamie


Scott County Fair Manager - Norm

Email: norm@scottcountyfair.com
Scott County Fair
7151 W. 190th St.
Jordan, MN 55352
Phone: 952.492.2436


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