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New to ktm,could use advice and tips

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Hi.Been away from the forum for a long time due to not having time and money to ride.


I used to ride kawis and my last bike was a 06 kx450f.A few on my friends have ktm and im really impressed with the build quality,and switched over.

I bought a 09 450 sxf,hours on the meter is showing 90 and supposedly had a piston at 55h.It has some power parts on it but mostly stock.


The bike is heaps better than the kx450f i used to have,and that bike had 3000$ poured into it.


The bike does have some faults.

-It makes a screeching noise when hitting the electric starter.Also sometimes it doesnt even engage and try to spin the engine.My road bike had a similar issue and that turned out to be the sprag clutch.Do these usually fail on ktm dirtbikes?Im going to try to repair it by replacing the spring on the sprag,if that doesnt work i will replace the whole clutch.

-the shock lower bearing is shot,there is quite alot of play.

-Ive read that these bikes have weak oil pumps,suffer from low oil pressure and cam seizures due to that.If someone could suggest what parts to replace I would be very grateful.From what ive gathered I should:

-replace the plastic oil pump gears on the primary side,is there updated parts for this?

-Measure the oil pump clearance,and sand the cover to get it into spec.

-Convert to a manual cam chain tensioner.I can machine and fabricate a manual tensioner myself.Is there a plug(what thread?) for the oil channel since the original is hydraulic?

-Measure the bypass spring and if required shim it to over 38,5mm


Any tips or suggestions on making this bike better/more reliable is more than welcome.

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