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Wr400 yes or no

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I have an opportunity to purchase a 2000 wr400 one owner, less than 700 miles all original, except oil, bike was purchased new by a 50 yr old man who road trails and back roads, bike fires up first kick, I can buy it for $1400. I have researched the bike and know the motor is basically bullet proof and I like the extra oil capacity, not doubting the bike, just what I'm going to do with it.

I currently own a ktm 990 adv but I'm looking for something lighter for this trip, looking at either the wr or the ktm 450 exc, I like the 6th gear on the ktm but I'm leaning towards the wr, as I can buy it and outfit it for what a ktm will cost.

I leave right after Christmas for the west coast side of mexico, city of Navajoa, I leave from middle Tn, I'll run back roads all the way to the border then secondary roads when in mexico so no high speed interstate, would like to be able to run 60mph, my ? is will the bike turn to many sustained rpms at these speeds. I've used gear commander.com to figure the difference between the two bikes and the ktm is 2k rpm less at 60. Never owned a thumper so not sure what is to much.

Now your asking why don't I just ride the 990, more comfortable for sure, well here's the rest of the story. I'm going down to help a missionary build an orphanage, will be there probably 3-4 months maybe longer as I have no time schedule, when I leave I will run over and come up through Copper Canyon, when I hit the states, I'm headed for central Utah, plan on running as much dirt as possible, maybe run the CDR up until It crosses the TAT then take it over to Utah, will be there a little while, again not sure how long, plan on ridding the mountains some, I lived there 2 yrs when I was helping another ministry, so I know of several places to ride, then when I head home I'm thinking of running the TAT, I will be roughly on hour south of it in Utah and it runs within 100 miles of my home here. I'll be running solo so I want the lighter bike, I also want something that won't stick out and draw attention as much as my 990 in mexico, and this bike is cheaper in case something happens to it.

So there you have it the wr won't be the best choice for the first part but will fit the bill perfectly for the last 2/3 of the trip, I plan on running two completely different sets of gears, one set to mexico then change for the rest of the trip, but I can only change so far without swapping chains which I don't want to do, I'll change the oil every 600-800 miles as needed, and gas mileage on the road is a concern, thanks in advance for the info.

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