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Yz125 leaking premix oil?

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I have a yz125 2000, few months ago I posted because my carby was p***ing petrol when tipped slightly, 

Anyway I took the carb off, dropped the bowl and gave it a spray, seem to have fixed it but the other day I noticed that it was again dripping petrol again, just a real slow drip out of the overflow tube, Iv taken the hoses off and it doesn't leak when the fuel tap is off,

So I Thought it was the needle,

Anyway next to the petrol drip was an oil drip coming from the frame bar underneath the left footpeg,

It seemed like a clear honey like oil which is strange because I have red gear box and green pre mix,

But I looked at the carby drain bolt underneath and there is green oil beading next to the drain bolt and ontop of the bottom end

I have some photos, 

Asking too see what could be going on as this seems extremely strange

Edit: that photo of the oil on My finger isn't red, its just the camera and lighting 




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