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A couple JR50 questions (school me on oil injection)

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I've been fixing up an 87 JR50 over the last few days for my kids to ride.  It's running.. kinda sorta but not well.   


I put Klotz Super-Techniplate in the oil tank.  I didn't realize until after a few short rides that this oil is NOT intended for oil injection  :facepalm:



I pulled the tank and hose off and drained them.  Can I top it off with injection rated oil and call it good or should I somehow purge the Klotz out of the system?  If needed how would I purge the oil out?  When adding new oil to an empty system do I need to bleed it or does it self bleed?      




Also when I shift it into gear it slams in and grinds gears a bit.  I'm guessing the clutch isn't releasing completely while shifting?  Any ideas?  Thanks a bunch,





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